Common questions


What are the childcare hours?

The service operates on Thursdays from 9:15am - 2:30pm 

What do we need to bring?

A lunchbox with any food or drink normally eaten in the home. Children can only be given food or drink supplied by their parent/guardian.

How is medication managed?

The Medication is strictly controlled with a medication sheet to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian each day. 


Medication is carried out according to Biala Ringwood guidelines and signed off by the coordinator.

Are nappies supplied?

No, Parents are responsible for providing nappies and extra clothing as may be required.

Are there trained First Aiders on-site?

There are a minimum of two qualified First Aiders present at all times.

Can I volunteer?

Yes.  You will just need a working with children check. Get in contact with us direct and we can discuss the ways you can support Biala.